Top 6 Online Logo Makers for Creating an Appealing Logo

The logo is considered as a symbol representing the company, business, organization and is an essential thing in building the image of the company or industry.

So the logo design is fundamental, but not everyone can use proficiency in professional logo design software. Also, for startups, individual brands, and personal bloggers, a limited budget could be spent on logo design.

If you are not a designer, do not know how to use graphic programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, but you still want to design your own unique logo.

Then do not worry. This post would like to introduce to you the synthesis of online logo design software, making good-looking online logos straightforward and easy to use, especially most are free or freemium.

Why should you use logo design software?

Logo design for a business is not a little investment, with costs from hundreds to millions.

You start building and developing a new website but hire a professional designer would be a heavy budget.

You do not have the necessary skills to use specialized software to design logos.

You are looking for ideas and inspiration to design a logo.

So online logo design software is essential in designing logos today.

Tool list: the best six logo makers


DesignEvo gives you a completely free logo design solution, just by dragging and dropping shapes and text suitable for your business. You can start designing by looking for shapes and icons, editing colors, sizes and some other elements. You can then add text and edit the design layout to your liking.

Once the design process is complete, you can simply save your design to your computer. The free download option comes with a few restrictions.


The purpose of this tool is to serve small and medium-sized companies, looking for a professional Logo for free. A unique thing is that no one can deny the user experiences that this tool brings. The easy drag-and-drop system, along with a smooth interface, makes it easy to design an online logo simply.


The simple, customizable interface makes this online logo design tool a useful support tool for businesses.

In addition to the basic features like regular logo tools, GraphicSprings also brings with it many new and updated features.

The good of this tool is that you can choose from many different types of Logo design styles.


You can quickly create your own logo with lots of useful options. The logos designed by this tool all have a unique style; you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the experience.

The most outstanding feature of Ucraft is that after the design is finished, you can download PGN transparent files with high quality, high resolution, can be used anywhere for any purpose.


It said that more than 20 million businesses are using LogoMaker to design logos; it is no coincidence that this tool is chosen so much. It is simple and easy to use online logo design software.


You can design your own logo with the template system, fonts, or even rich layout of its in just a few minutes. Besides that, this program also has some built-in professional functions that can meet the needs of simple to professional logo design.


This platform contains a vast library of designs, with over 200 fonts, 1,000 professional templates and more than 600,000 vector images, which can make your design stand out from a forest of different logos.

It supports SVG format vector image downloading and allows unlimited editing of colors and fonts at any time. With the free version, you are allowed to create a fixed logo design.

Wrap up

Above are some of the online logo makers you can try for your project. If you are looking for a tool for creating your logo, then do not hesitate to use these tools. Hope you can find this list useful.

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