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People do business for profit, they invest in that which will bring success to them. As it is a time of technology people are more eager to invest in this sector. Software development is one of them. But the business owner may know about the software development but they doubt the software development cost in their mind. Price has an important role in a business. To estimate the cost a vendor must know in which factor software prices lie.

What is Software Development?

Software Development

Software development is the process of creating or developing, programming different applications. It takes all the functional projects in reality and important for the flow of the rime as it helps to bring growth to your business and helps with marketing. It starts with planning and ends with testing to SEO where all processes bear the software development cost.

How To Estimate a Software Development Cost?

Estimate a Software Development Cost

You may wonder how to estimate a software development cost as it is not directly calculable. It always comes to your depends or requirement, but you may have an idea of a final estimate by following steps:

  • Understand what you need
  • Breakdown the Requirements

Understand What You Need

When you decide to have software development you may have a plan but you shouldn’t make one. First of all, you have to understand what you need in your software as different software has different features which impact your software cost. So understand your needs first.

Breakdown The Requirements

After understanding your needs you may have to make a list of your requirements. Go through the feature, type, design, work hours and make a clear list of what you require from the software as each requirement costs differently.

Cost Depends On Different Categories

Cost Depends on Different Categories

The software has three categories that define the costs of software development. Each category has a different function to do with different time limits and costs. They are:

  • Basic Software
  • Medium Complexity Software
  • Complex software

Basic Software

It contains simple functions like login, email subscription, etc. with a simple design. It doesn’t contain a large amount of data. Basic software will be ready fast in 1-2 months which means 500-700 hours and will cost $

Medium Complexity Software

It contains more features than basic software like payment method, integration, etc. It provides complex design and will take 700-1200 hours which means 2-6 month. Medium complexity software costs

Complex Software

This type of software has a highly complex architecture with full features such as security, multiple integrations, video content, development. It takes a time of 6 month+ 1200+ hours.

The Factors of Software Development Pricing

A software development cost depends on its various processes where every factor causes the pricing of the software. There are factors like:

  • Platform
  • Type of Project
  • Software Project Size
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
  • Testing


The platform is important to factor in software development and it will greatly impact your budget. As there are different customers in the different platforms you must choose for which platform you want your software development. iOS apps can not be converted into an android app. So you want native apps per platform or cross-platform apps with the same codebase which can run in multi-platform that require your choice and your budget.

Type of Software Project

Costs depend on the type of software project which is four types:

  • New software development is new software with custom development or solution.
  • Software modification can enhance upgrades for you.
  • Integration of software custom code for integrating readymade software into the months.
  • Web development is custom web software for your business.

Software Project Size

Usually, there are four categories of project size that impact the cost of software development. As the large project will be the more time will need and more cost will be included with it.

  • Small: small projects bright minor changes in the project like user interfaces setting.
  • Medium: mobile applications are in this category. It is a bit more capable of a small project right which can include a few designs.
  • Large: large projects require integration with multiple systems, login features, and security. It can run in multi-platform.
  • Enterprise: it is the largest among all project sizes and builds exclusively. Enterprise contains high security of data, multi-party integration.

UI/UX Design

When a user enters an app firstly the visual part attracts them the best UI/ navigation attracts the user and makes them stay in the app. UI/UX design graphic elements of the app like buttons, icons. It brings user satisfaction too but it’s hard to make a visual part that causes more time and money. So if you want to make your app more pleasant and bring user satisfaction you may have to pay more for this.


Development complexity directly affects your software development cost. It has two types of development such as- frontend and backend. The frontend is usually seen by the providers containing mean software users when they run the software but the backend works from behind the scene. Android app and iOS app have a difference in this as android runs many devices it requires 20%-30% more time. So it needs screen resolution and more support.


It is an important part of the development process. Testing shows if there is any problem in the software that should be solved before launch. Its cost depends on your project.

Software Development Cost Varies Company to Company

Software Development Costing

Different companies have different types of prices. Commonly, every company’s software cost will not be the same as its cost depends on many factors and types of software, developers, etc. It’s your choice from whom you will have your work done. For your benefit, I may suggest some top companies. They are:


REXO IT is a software development company that has more than 50 expert supportive developers. It ensures to give the best quality service to their clients.


ClearSummit is a software development company established in 2014. It can customize software as per your requirement. It has 22 specialists who are experts in software development. Its design, development support on the B2B software platform.


Sidebench is a development company with 70 employees whose headquarters is in Los Angeles. It is one of the best overall 4.9 rating companies which provides fully integrated service to clients.

Sample Estimate Costs

After all the factors, type, design, development, etc. An estimate is shown to get a clear idea about how much software development costs and how much time you will need in this process.

  • Type- Software modification

Size: small

Time: 2 weeks

Cost: $2000-$10000

  • Type- New Software

Size: Small

Time: 4 weeks to 8 weeks

Cost: $25k-$40k

  • Type-new software

Size: medium

Time: 16 weeks

Cost: $60k-$70k


Software app development cost impacts your business so you should calculate the range of all functions. Many technical and non-technical costs are included in your budget. So you must have an idea about the app and its functions with your requirement and the right developer by understanding all depending on cost.

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