Secure Your Server Through Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is one of the most important securities and useful feature in Windows Operating system. But most of the users couldn’t use this feature and did disabled it which might be dangerous for your server and your data. It protects your server against threats, malicious software and an unwanted access request from hackers and attackers through Intranet and internet. It does monitor all incoming and outgoing request and filter request as per the configuration.

Setting Types for Windows Firewall

Windows firewall comes with three types of setting so that separate setting can be done according to requirement.

  1. Domain networks (When your server joined with AD)
  2. Home or work(private) networks
  3. Public networks

windows firewall

Domain networks

When you configure new firewall policy with domain networks setting, your policy will apply only in same domain network environment.

Home or work (private) networks

When you configure with a private network, Policy will apply only those servers that are connected to the same private network.

Public networks

If you configure new firewall policy with Public network setting, your policy will apply to the entire network (Intranet & Internet). If your server connected with internet, you should go with Public networks. This is highly recommended because most of the hackers and attackers do come through the internet.

How to Allowed Application in windows firewall?

Click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” from justify side column. You can configure the firewall as per your requirement and reduce risk from your server. You can also enable notification for any new application or request. A Notifications can be modified by using Change notifications settings option.

Windows Firewall

You see the list of all applications that are allowed from Windows Firewall. You can select any item for which you want to change or add another programs from Allow another app.

Windows Firewall

You should use windows firewall feature and allow only those applications which you require and reduce risk from your server.


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