Mobile Application Downloads Continue to Soar Amid the World Lockdown

Honestly, we have all been using our smartphones the maximum. We admit it to our core-self that without having a smartphone, it was difficult to survive during the lockdown.

Well, most of us knew how to use the smartphone and how to download mobile apps. But do you have an idea that baby boomers are utilising the most of their smartphone apps during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Well, they did!

Thanks to the easy and clean smartphone UI!

For writing this blog, we took a survey of many people belonging to different professional backgrounds and cities. Be it the UK, USA or India; we had a survey of people from the three different countries to understand how they dealt so far with the lockdown?

We are here with some astonishing results that amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, the mobile application stores recorded lifetime downloads (be it iOS or Android). Further, with this blog, we are going to list out some of the top downloaded mobile applications on iOS and Android operating platforms.

Top Mobile Apps Downloads Amid the Pandemic

Here are the topmost downloaded mobile apps for smartphones across the globe during the lockdown. We shall start with gaming apps and moving ahead with other apps categories as per their download popularity.

iOS Games Apps, Android Games Apps

Mobile game apps have been the most popular amongst all the other apps. It gives new entertainment and helps the user to divert their mind from their work or stress for a minimum period. Well, during the lockdown, the mobile app development companies soar too as lockdown proved lucky for the IT geeks.

iOS Games Apps

The mobile games app download soar amidst the pandemic. The most downloaded games during the pandemic are Ludo King, Psych, Pubg, Angry Birds 2.0, Play Rummy, Candy Crush, etc. These games have helped friends and families to have a great time playing internet games from different corners of the world.

Well, any startup can switch to mobile games app development and soar their business income too during the pandemic.

On-Demand Delivery Apps

Never imagined before that malls would be empty and online delivery stores will be apologising on their platform for not accepting more orders! The situation is quite ironic, but it exists during the pandemic.

The grocery and food delivery apps have done wonders during the lockdown. Grocery and food delivery apps like BigBasket, Amazon, Grofers, Zomato, Swiggy, UberEATS, etc. proved lucky for their customers as well as the owners.

Many food outlets and grocery startups are switching to online delivery by developing an on-demand delivery app for their platform. We bet the decision will prove beneficial shortly.

Entertainment Apps

It is difficult to predict our lives without Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. These apps have determined like a real friend during the lockdown. Be it Netflix UK, Netflix USA or Netflix India; the movie and web series app have enhanced their audience figure without a doubt.  YouTube and TikTok are also trending as #1videoapp during the lockdown.

On the other hand, music apps have also experienced a great upward graph in terms of iOS and Android download and installation figures. Indian entertainment companies also got maximum subscriptions during the lockdown from the Indian audience. The apps like Zee5, Voot and Hotstar Premium are an exciting choice for drama and entertainment.

Social Media Apps

The social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat have trended maximum during the lockdown. People have spent quality time on their social media accounts/profiles. Because of the social media apps, many hashtags have gone viral during the lockdown. The hashtags such as the #lockdownactivties #quarantineactivites #lockdowneffect and much more.

Video Chatting Apps

The quarantine effect has given birth to video chatting addiction. People across the world have fixed timings for their personal and professional video chats. Whatsapp video calling has become super popular during the lockdown.

video chatting

For professional video calling, Zoom app has earned maximum fame. The growing video chat application has given importance to work from home experience. After Zoom, Facebook also introduced the Messenger Rooms Video chat option for helping the companies to organise employee conferences and video calls.

Other Mobile Apps

The other mobile apps for iOS and Android that got famous amid the lockdown are recipe apps, education networking apps, language learning apps, medicine delivery apps, on-demand doctor consultation apps, etc. All these apps have also experienced a high mark on the installation records.


The pandemic has helped mobile app owners with excellent business income. Well, wise startup owners have already moved their interest towards the mobile app development concept. As a startup owner, you can also earn maximum revenue out of mobile apps in the near future. For the same, you can learn about iOS and Android mobile apps online.

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