Marketing Strategies o Help Your Seasonal Businesses Thrive

Some of the hardest types of businesses to run and grow are seasonal businesses. Since they usually don’t generate much income throughout the entire year, surviving the off-season is considerably difficult. That’s why it’s necessary to focus on different marketing strategies to help your business thrive during the busy season. And, at least to some point, mitigate the negative results that come with the arrival of slow seasons.

Useful Marketing Strategies To Help Your Seasonal Businesses

Many business owners make this mistake: They focus on their marketing efforts mostly during the busy season. Once it’s over, the enthusiasm declines. From a marketing point of view, this is utterly wrong. If you think about it closely, digital marketing efforts usually require a lot of time. Something many business owners don’t have in abundance during the busy seasons. Also, it takes some time before your marketing strategies start to give the first decent results. All things considered, this might be a constant battle with time. To win it, there is no better way than to utilize that extra time you have during the off-season. You will need to make plans in advance and always think a few steps ahead.

To help you better use your time when the season is slow, here are a few marketing strategies that can help your seasonal business thrive:

  • Plan your strategy in advance
  • Improve your website
  • Make special offers during the off-season
  • Work on your social media promotion
  • Figure out the customers’ needs
  • Offer something new
  • Consider targeting new locations

Plan Your Strategy in Advance

The seasons when your business is idle shouldn’t go to waste. Even if your business isn’t operating, there is still a lot to do. First of all, this is the best time to check your busy season reports and evaluate the success for the given period. You can review your financial situation, plan the budget for the next season, and look for additional ways to improve your marketing. Considering that most seasonal businesses like yours will take a break, this can be a perfect opportunity to surpass them. With good planning and plenty of effort to adapt and improve your market visibility, for example, you can wait for a new season more prepared.

Improve Your Website

The next good strategy is to make an effort and improve your business website. It’s completely normal to experience fewer visits and traffic out of the peak season. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave your website as it is. There is always something to improve to provide your visitors with a better user experience. For example, moving companies are all too aware of the hardships of the off-peak season. Luckily, there are several tactics for moving businesses that can improve your lead generation even during this time. To name a few, you can see to simplify the paying methods, use CRM reports to better understand your targeted audience, provide more appealing content through advice, and implement additional features like online estimators or click-to-call options. Anything that will benefit your potential customers and help them make their own plans in advance. You can also work on your branding, SEO, website performance, and many more.

An eCommerce website on different devices
Make sure your website is performing well on all devices.

Make Special Offers During The Off-Season

A good marketing move for seasonal businesses is to create special offers for slow periods. Depending on your industry, it can be in relationship with your products or services. Those seeking to save money and make purchases off the season will definitely check you for better deals. It can be:

  • Off-season discounts
  • Wholesales
  • Early bird specials
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Contests and events for loyal customers
  • and many more

Not only is this an excellent way to offer something to your existing customers, but you will also attract new ones. The key here is to remain in customers’ minds when the busy season comes back again.

A holiday sale poster with a Christmas tree and the word “sale”
Many are preparing special promotions in advance to help them prepare for the busy season.

Work on Your Social Media Promotion

While your business might be on pause, your potential customers are not. They communicate, exchange opinions and experiences, and spend their time on social networks. That’s why a season when you don’t have much else to do can be the perfect time to connect with those potential customers. You can spend more time working on your brand promotion or simply provide customer support by communicating with them online. This gives you the chance to discover additional targeted audiences and demographic groups you have never thought of before. If you discover that you have gen-Z consumers, you can use social media to get to younger generations by exploring recent trends and seeing what might attract them to your business. Just make sure to post regularly, always add fresh content, and maintain your social media accounts.

Figure Out The Customers’ Needs

Speaking of the audience, the off-season is an excellent time of the year to dive deeper into your customers’ needs. As a part of the marketing strategy, you can analyze previous reports, conduct surveys, or reach out for opinions through newsletters, emails, or calls. As we mentioned above, social media is also a great and effective way to communicate with your audiences. It doesn’t have to be strictly formal, either. On the contrary, a more friendly approach is sometimes a better way to get truthful opinions and reviews. This can even help you discover something new you could offer during the off-season.

Offer Something New

This brings us to the next strategy that can demonstrate your ability to adapt. The word “agile” is quite a popular term in the business world. And that is for a good reason. One of the most important entrepreneurship principles is quickly adapting to constant changes. Among many, this also means being able to estimate if you can create a new offer your customers will like. For example, you have a store that sells only winter equipment. But, you could also consider expanding that offer to something more universal. Basically, you already have customers; why not provide them with something additional they can use in other seasons as well? People who like to hike through mountains will need compasses, ropes, and similar helping gear for summertime hiking too.

Winter gear and clothes in front of the store
Always think if there is something new you can add to your offer.

Consider Targeting New Locations

Another option is to think about expanding your business to other locations. If there is a chance a different area can earn you revenue while the primary location is idle, it’s worth considering. Also, there is nothing wrong with switching your location if you need to follow the weather seasons to get closer to your focused groups. In essence, marketing strategies to help your seasonal businesses thrive don’t have to be necessarily tied to one place.

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