Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have

The design of your website is critical to the success of your business. Outstanding design can help you improve user engagement and increase your conversion rate, which directly benefits your bottom line. However, the homepage is the most important one out of all the pages on your website. It’s the first page most users will see when they arrive at your site, influencing their perception of your business. Here are the six elements every website homepage must have to stand out and make a good impression.

  1. Images or video for immediate visual appeal

Your homepage can use an image or a video to tell your story and get users excited about your brand. The media you use should be attention-grabbing and inspire your users to take action. Remember that all of the files you use have to be optimized to improve load times. If your homepage lacks visual consistency, your website will come across as ugly, and users might also have a hard time navigating around.

Try to have a unified look across your entire website. This includes your logo design and menu buttons. All the design elements should come together to tell your story as soon as someone sees the homepage. Generally, a clean design with simple shapes and natural colors is the most appealing option. However, you can also implement accessibility features such as a dark mode, scalable text, subtitles for videos, and simple navigation.

Person browsing pictures on a laptop
Choose a striking image for your homepage- – it’s one of the elements every website homepage must have
  1. A catchy headline

Unfortunately, some of the visitors on your website will not give you their full attention. Therefore, your website needs to have a headline that immediately tells them what your site is about. Make sure that the headline is short yet effective. You can always supplement it with a sub-headline that further explains what your business does and what you can offer your customers. Pay attention to how you use headlines and subheadings, and try to structure your content so that the main points you are trying to make are evident at a glance. Structured content can help users quickly skim over text to understand what a page is about. The proper use of headlines and subheadings also improves your SEO

  1. Have a strong Call to Action on your homepage

Most website owners want the visitors to their site to perform a specific action. That’s where your Call to Action comes in. You can use it to inspire users to fill out a form, subscribe to your services, or make a purchase. Whatever your intentions are, they need to be clearly stated in your Call to Action. Without one, your website might come across as unfocused, and users might not understand what you want them to do. Ensure that the CTA button is visible and that you don’t overcrowd the space around it with too many other elements. You can put a lot of empty space around your CTA to help it stand out and get users to notice it.

Man listening to a cup phone
Your Call to Action needs to be easy to understand
  1. Intuitive navigation

Upon arriving at your website, you need to help users find what they need. Intuitive navigation menus are elements every website homepage must-have. Help visitors find information by making it obvious where they should click. There should be a simple path that users can take to reach every page on the website. Of course, it is possible that your website is large and that you need to divide your content into groups. In that case, all the relevant subgroups need to be accessible directly from the homepage. Remember that you don’t need to have the entire sitemap visible on the home page. Instead, try to have a clean and minimalist design that doesn’t interfere with the page itself.

  1. A mobile-friendly design

Most people who visit your website will do so through a smartphone. Therefore, you need to design a mobile-friendly website. Sometimes, it can be hard to design everything for perfect functionality for mobile and desktop users. Not everything will display well on a smaller screen, but you should be especially cautious with large media files that can take a long time to load on slower internet connections.

The most important features of your site need to look good and work well even on phones and tablets. Hamburger menus look elegant and ease navigation on small screens. However, there is another benefit from having a website that works well on mobile. Google will reward you with a better rank in the search results pages if you cater to mobile users.

Man using a smartphone to test website homepage, showing that mobile-friendliness is one of the elements every website homepage must have.
Make sure your homepage looks good for mobile users.
  1. Have an accessible way to get more information

Not every one of your website visitors is immediately ready to make a purchase as soon as they arrive at your homepage. Some of them will need a little more information before they are ready to start shopping. Allow them to learn more about your products and what your company offers. Links to important information are elements every website homepage must-have. A blog with informative articles is a definite plus, but that information shouldn’t be hidden or hard to reach. You can offer additional resources to users on your homepage. Make it easy for them to do their research and get informed without leaving your website. Use smart link building to connect relevant pages on your site to make information easier to find.

The bottom line

The homepage on your site needs to help different users perform various actions on your site. It can act as a landing page, an information center, or a place for users to understand what your company is all about. By including these six elements every website homepage must have, you will ensure that it can efficiently perform all of those functions. Your site’s homepage will be the first thing new users see from your company. Therefore, it’s essential to have it look presentable to make a great first impression.

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