Adverse Effects On Child’s Health Due To Excessive Use Of Technology

Nowadays, in the globalized world of Millennial and Generation Z, we cannot keep children away from gadgets and smartphones, as they are born in a digital era with a tablet along their sides. However, if we don’t know how to handle the technology, it can have damaging and harmful effects on the children health as well as their eyes due to constant exposures.

The adverse effects and negative impact of technology are largely on the physical as well as emotional health of kids. As we continue to use technical equipment, we become more impatient. As a result, technology has negatively affected us. Not only using excessive technology leads to distractions from regular studies and work, but also it can divert the children from their regular duties and obligations.

The harmful effects are not only on the eyes but also ears because of the continuous use of earplugs and listening to loud noise. Listening to music for a long time through technical listening can impair our ability to hear clearly.

Although one of the greatest inventions of technology is the invention of computers and smartphones, if the use of technology is not limited, then the children can get issues like eyesight loss, hearing loss or fatigue etc. It is therefore essential to use the technology responsibly and effectively as much as possible to retrieve its positive effects.

Significant issues related to excessive use of technology

  • Issues related to physical health

    It has been observed that the continued use of technology can cause physical health problems as kids of today find it convenient and easy to use and start having health issues due to its continuous use. People can have everything online such as studies, lectures, courses and shopping; therefore, people are fonder of using these gadgets instead of moving physically. This is mainly because everything can be done with the help of technical equipment or gadgets.

    As a result, it can be described that technology has negatively affected the children’s health as they are becoming obese and sedentary because of using the technology excessively and out of limits. They often suffer from sleep problems, inactivity and obesity. Moreover, there are sometimes other health problems such as hormone level imbalances such as dopamine and serotonin levels.

  • Issues related to mental health

    Not only there are physical health issues, but the excessive use of technology enables various mental health issues in the children of today. Children get used to having excessive exposure to social media and networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. just to see what their friends are doing. Sometimes it can be beneficial also to stay connected with friends.

    Still, most of the time it is detrimental such as the showing of positive sides only enables the kids with depression also when children notice that others are having a better standard of living and they are not. As a result, they become paranoid, impatient and enable jealousy with others. These social media and gadgets use, therefore considered as effective only when they are used with constant supervision of parents to decrease their negative effects on children.

  • Detachment from the social circle

    It is also observed that children who are continuously and excessively exposed to technology or gadgets, they are socially detached from their environment. The children who are occupied with increased uses of gadgets they might lack necessary bonding with their friends and family as they are continuously occupied with videos, games and social networks.

    Moreover, there are chances that the children are exposed to people who can hack and utilize their information and pictures in a wrong manner which can cause issues related to cybersecurity.

  • Impact on social skills of children

    We may find that our siblings spend most of their time working on TVs, I-phones, tablets and other devices. It is a source of relaxation, need, entertainment and sometimes our way of education. At the same time, the children often forget the importance of socializing with family and friends.

    The children are more and more attracted to in-door activities and playing with gadgets rather than playing outdoor, which is essential for their physical health as well. Children should get exposed to outdoor play as well as interact with their elders to learn new skills from them. Therefore, the excessive use of technology is a hurdle for improving the social skills of children.

  • Lack of communication skills

    Technology makes us believe in the virtual world, which impacts the interaction and communication with others extremely limited. Technology must have a limited scope in the lives of children so that they would benefit from the positive aspects of technology. Moreover, it is crucial to build trust and promote self-growth.

    It is beneficial if we can use the technology properly. Our children must understand that everything has pros and cons so they should moderately use technology. As in the current world, technology has become a necessity; therefore, it should not become a curse, but it should become a benefit for us.

  • Addiction properties of technology

    Although games are often associated with enhancing better working memory and better spatial skills. Playing active video games can improve spatial skills, which is fun and relevant to the achievements of science, technology, engineering and math. However, playing games continuously through smartphones and gadgets can induce addictive properties.

    Games are largely influenced by brain regions, such as those responsible for rewards, which impulse control and sensorimotor coordination, which have previously been associated with addictive substances. Therefore due to research in this area, it has been observed that gaming addiction is significant and should be controlled in children of minor ages.


It has been observed that due to the excessive and addictive uses of playing games on smartphones, they have more negative effects on the brain of children rather than implementing positive effects. Therefore it can be summarised that the as the technology has sufficient benefits as well as harmful effects if used excessively; hence it should be utilized with the effective supervision of the adults or parents and it should be used in a moderate and limited time.

As human beings have invented technology to make the life easier, therefore, it is essential when it is used in moderation rather than using it excessively, which has significant health and social issues related to children of today.

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