5 Benefits of Telling Your Story With Digital Video

Digital video is the fastest and most effective way to keep your website visitor interested. Imagine this situation: You start a business or project online, design and establish your marketing strategy and as a result, you receive thousands of visitors who come to your website daily. All good but they don’t become your customers.

Wait, what happened here? Did you do something wrong? Well, not necessarily; remember that you have between 10 and 20 seconds to hook whoever visits your website so that they stay and become a subscriber, a prospect with high purchase probabilities or directly a customer.

You must also understand that everyone is extremely skeptical of what companies offer on the web. They go from one page to another without stopping, many times, to know in detail how they can benefit from what is being offered to them. You know, you have done the same too! So now we bring you five benefits of telling your story with digital videos.

Why Videos?

Let’s take Dropbox for example. An explanatory, simple and fun video on its home page helped Dropbox explain what service is offered and how its users would benefit from using its application. Dropbox became one of the world’s fastest-growing companies with more than 50 million users. Even Steve Jobs wanted to buy it but could not due to the refusal of its owners.

So what happens when you post an explanatory video or a tutorial video about the service you offer, especially if this service is new and many people have no idea why they should use it?

Let’s See The Benefits in Detail

  • Increase The Conversion Rate

According to Internet Retailer, more than 85% of people are more willing to buy a product if they have seen a video before, which explains why they should buy it. A report from the company Zappos shows that 60% of visitors prefer to watch a video rather than read a text and 50% remember the company name better.

  • Improve Your Rank on Google

With what has been seen above, which options do you think a person will click first? Well, the one with a video. A video in the Google search engine is 40% more likely to be clicked compared to a text link, which means more visitors who understand what you offer and finally more sales or in Christian: more money! Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google searches.

  • You Get A High Return on Your Investment (ROI)

A video is an investment with a guaranteed return for the value it generates. In addition to being an advantage compared to your competitors, a digital marketing strategy that has videos will allow you to reduce the waiting time to obtain the estimated sales income. In the case of Dropbox, they spent just $ 50,000 and in return, they got an additional 5 million customers and $ 24 million in return on top of a growing company valued at over $ 4 billion.

  • Can Be Easily Shared on Social Media

Videos on the internet are inherently viral. They can be disseminated on social networks and by email, which increases the possibility of clicking on video email links to 96%. The reach of your video will easily cross borders, obtaining clients from all over the world.

  • You Can Know Exactly What Interests The Visitor The Most

Currently, the usability analysis tools allow knowing which parts of the video have been most viewed, which moments have been repeated more times, in which part the interest in your video decreases and which are the parts where people abandon the video. This provides real-time feedback that allows immediate improvements to be made not to lose the attention of visitors to increase the visitor-to-customer conversion ratio.

Bottom Line

Digital video is the fastest and most effective way to keep the visitor interested, making them stay on your website longer than the average, increasing their chances of becoming a new customer. Show them your story, don’t just tell it. And the best way is through digital video.

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